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Biological Deprogramming


Biological deprogramming is the practical application of the Total Biology of Living Creatures and is in a state of constant evolution.

Your are welcome to take part in one of our workshops on Total Biology and biological deprogramming to learn how you can overcome illness (some partially and some completely) by understanding how the brain works.


Important comment regarding any medical assistance


Mentioned on Friday, December 22, 2006

Total Biology of the Living Creatures and its practical application, Biological Deprogramming, must be understood and applied as an integral part of the broader field of medicine. In effect, they are meant to work in partnership with conventional medical treatment.  Without question, persons suffering from any pathology whatsoever should follow treatment according to the advice of their doctor and/or specialists, as long as such practitioners deem it necessary. Failure to follow prescribed treatments or their interruption in the course of work with Biological Deprogramming would be dangerous, since neither the number of sessions required nor the results of this work can be predicted. Even when the biological invariant (in most of cases) is the same, every human being is different, and we cannot speculate as to the ability of the patient to solve his or her conflicts.

It is essential that current conventional medicine be followed as long as the (“basculage”, ei “the shift into healing mode) and its concomitant symptoms have not occurred -- as long as the transition from the state of illness toward the state of well-being has not been realized. Conventional medical treatment will challenge the adverse evolution of the illness, and it is for the doctor and specialists to make the decision to diminish or terminate such treatments when they observe an improvement, in other words, healing. My position has always been perfectly clear on this matter, undisputedly in the interests of the ill individual. I have always recommended conventional medicine to my patients since 1978 and have unfailingly expressed this position to my students and in my lectures, seminars and workshops since 1995.  I regret that this message, so clearly expressed for so many years, has in some instances been misconstrued, probably as a result of people’s failure to fully understood it or, for reasons of their own, their transformation of its meaning. (The above is stated for purposes of information, not polemics).

Claude Sabbah in his brochure “Program 2007/2008”, p. 4


To heal from any illness, it is necessary and sufficient to remove the source of conflict within oneself

"To heal from any illness, it is necessary and sufficient to remove the source of conflict within oneself."
Claude Sabbah