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Gilbert Renaud


Gilbert Renaud TBC has been working as a Consultant in Total Biology and in Biological Deprogramming in Vancouver for over six years. He has twenty-three years of experience as a professional in the field of holistic health.

In 1991, by an unusual coincidence, he began to study the work of Dr. Hamer and to seek an understanding of the principles behind this approach. He studied the symbolism of illnesses, the part of the body that is affected and the corresponding parts of the brain.

He began his training in Total Biology with Bertrand Lemieux, with whom he worked for several years at the Visa Health Centre as a Wellness Consultant and as a teacher at the School of Naturopathy of the Upper Laurentians.

Gilbert Renaud recently retrained in Total Biology with Claude Sabbah, with whom he pursued his training by participating in various advanced level courses and specialisation seminars that are held each year.

He also organizes workshops and lectures to help you understand the benefit of this concept. 


Gilbert Renaud – Your Biology Total Specialist  in Vancouver

"Whatever does not emerge as Consciousness returns as Destiny."
Carl G. Jung