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“I met Gilbert a few years ago after finishing several months of traditional treatment for breast cancer.   During my first few visits, I was extremely fragile, filled with fear and dread. In his gentle way, Gilbert guided me through a process of looking at my whole life in a very different way….learning about how early unresolved conflict can impact the physical body.  Even though I had been involved with therapy at different times in my life, I had never viewed my life in this particular way. It was transforming.   Soon after my initial visits with Gilbert, I started feeling optimistic and hopeful about re- building my life. I am now happy to be living a life that brings me joy.  Gilbert is a brilliant, intuitive, loving and powerful healer.  I feel very grateful to know him.”
Trainer and Coach
Vancouver, BC

“Your support and insights have been invaluable…”

“I can’t thank you enough for our session and the enormous commitment and energy you have.  You’ve given me a great deal to think about… I look forward your next session, so I’ll be ready with my homework…”

Dear Gilbert, Thanks for a great Total Biology II weekend.  It was great!


Thank you so much Gilbert. I really appreciate what you've done for me and I'll keep working on myself.
Vickie, Vancouver

Thank you so very much for the wonderful session today.

We do appreciate you and your wonderful work!

I attended your introductory talk recently and was fascinated and amazed by the connection between emotions and illness and realized some connections in my own personal health problems and my family. I would love to attend your classes in the future. 

I am still bathing in the information that came out in my session.  Wow, what an amazing way to gather the biology/history and create the puzzle-life story of a person. Thanks for your compassion and revealing work…

“I was due for a thyroid removal, but resolved the conflict underlying my condition, and two weeks later the growth had disappeared.”

 “I started feeling optimistic and hopeful about re-building my life”

"Overwhelmingly positive new information”

“The ability to heal myself is within myself."

"I couldn't imagine the importance of being aware."

 "I'm on the right track for my healing.”

"This course inspires me to dig deeper (within myself)."

"When I met Gilbert, I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 18 months earlier.  We worked together for 10 sessions where Gilbert explained to me the Concept of Total Biology and the Biological Programming behind MS.   We went through my Life Story, identifying unresolved conflicts and got a greater understanding of who I am.  I followed the recommended process established with Gilbert in regard to my own story.  One year later I felt great and I have been cleared from any MS diagnosed.I kept working another year to make sure that was real."

N. P. Concrete

Vancouver, BC  

"Constantly during a conference Gilbert keeps bringing some insight about everything that may be useful to the audience because above all he is dedicated to serve."

Debbie F.

Vancouver, BC

"Having been studying "Total Biology" in French for the last two years, I find the teaching of "Total Biology" (Concept elaborated by Claude Sabbah) entirely in tune with the principles of Unity and the experiences of its co-founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.  In September 2005 I attended in Canada a five-day workshop with Gilbert Renaud, and was profoundly impressed with his insight, his sensitivity and his depth of understanding, both of the material and of how to apply it with individual people facing extreme health challenges.  Gilbert is a great resource for the English-speaking world to experience this pioneering and ground-breaking method of self-healing, which has been producing such amazing results in the French-speaking world for the last couple of decades."  

Ardella Nathanael


To heal from any illness, it is necessary and sufficient to remove the source of conflict within oneself

"To heal from any illness, it is necessary and sufficient to remove the source of conflict within oneself."
Claude Sabbah